My name's Ron, and I make ads and frequently show other people how to make ads. I’ve been a writer/creative group head at The Richards Group for over 25 years (they have comfortable chairs). I’ve worked on everything from underwear to Killer Bread to Caribbean islands to a cancer center that ended up curing my mom. I’ve sold beers brewed in Seattle, Portland, Mexico, Latrobe, and Canada; and I’ve also sold lots of chicken. If all the agencies I previously worked at merged, it would be named WBDDBNYHolidayMcCann, or just Ultracom. Many years ago, I left the University of Texas with a B.S. in Advertising which always sounded kind of funny. My relatives are impressed with the awards I’ve received from Cannes, D&AD, Clios, CA, One Show, Art Directors, Radio Mercury, Archive, OBIE, ANDY, and a few others that sound like Mayberry RFD characters. When I’m not writing, I’m directing. And when I’m not directing, I’m taking photos of anything in the world I find remotely interesting. Except my food. I never take photos of my food. 
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